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Can I overdose on alcohol?
Is your life becoming negatively effected by drugs or alcohol?

REACH YP understands that talking about drugs and alcohol can be a sensitive matter and appreciates how important it is to feel that you are in a safe environment, where your questions will be answered and you can receive the help you need. In REACH YP we make no judgements about you, we are just here to help, offering a confidential, drug & alcohol service for under 24's who live in the county of Dorset (not Poole or Bournemouth). The things you discuss with us will not be shared with any one else unless we have your permission, the exception to this is where not to do so would cause you, or another person significant harm.

We will work with you, and consider your own personal situation through completion of an assessment which will help us, and you, understand “where you are at” with your drug or alcohol use. We will listen to you and ask you what you would like to achieve from your time with us, and from that, together we will work towards achieving your goal, whether this is simply to increase your factual knowledge about the realities and consequences of substance use, or to work towards a goal of controlled use or abstinence.

You can also come and talk to us if you are being affected by another persons drug or alcohol use.

REACH YP offers a confidential drug and alcohol service for ‘under 24’s’ who live in the county of Dorset. Contact us if you think you might need help…0800 0434656 (press option 2)

Follow the link to You Tube and listen to what one young person has to say…

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Or contact us using the Contact Us page on website. Your enquiry will be treated in confidence.

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