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Professional Development Courses

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These interactive taster sessions will allow you to discover an insight into substance misuse and associated issues and provide you with some techniques and strategies for supporting individuals with substance misuse problems. Come along and join in this learning experience for just £60 per person per workshop

  • Introduction to Motivational Interviewing - 11th May 2018
    Recognised as one of the most powerful approaches when working with addiction. This course gives an overview of the principles of Motivational Interviewing and some practical tips and help with applying the principles to everyday practice with your clients.

  • Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - 1st June 2018
    A new strategy, fast, pragmatic and challenging traditional models of behavioural therapy. This course aims to introduce the core principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and explain how ACT works alongside existing therapies. 

  • Introduction to Drug Awareness - 20th April 2018
    To explore the different types of drugs commonly used and their risks and effects. To consider the motivation behind drug use and the impact of drugs on the individual and on society.

  • Introduction to Alcohol Awareness - 27th April 2018
    This course provides the learner with an understanding of the risks and effects of alcohol use. To increase awareness of screening techniques and brief interventions appropriate for alcohol use.

Download the Complete 2018 Courses Timetable

New Courses

  • Dual Diagnosis - 4th May 2018
    Exploring the complicated relationship between substance misuse and mental health. This course aims to give practical support when working with individuals with a dual diagnosis.

  • Relapse Prevention - 25th May 2018
    A toolkit of strategies to support those working to sustain positive recovery.

  • Understanding Stress, Anxiety & Depression - 8th June 2018
    This course explores the biological basis of stress, anxiety and depression. It aims to give practical support in managing the physiological and psychological issues related to these emotional states.

  • Understanding Anger - 22nd June 2018
    To understand anger as a process and to give practical strategies in the management of behaviour associated with anger.

  • Introduction to Autism - 29th June 2018
    This course introduces the three main areas associated with Autism; communication difficulties, problems with social imagination and sensory issues.

  • Communicating with Teenagers - 20th July 2018
    Why and in what ways, teenagers think and behave differently from adults. Practical tips on how to improve engagement and communication with teenagers.

  • Alcohol & Older People - 27th July 2018
    Outlining the specific concerns when working with older people who are drinking at a high level. To improve understanding, awareness and support.

Download the Complete 2018 Courses Timetable

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