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To offer advice, information and support to anyone in Dorset whose life is being adversely affected by substance misuse.
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Grow, Progress,
Achieve, Empower
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Welcome to Essential Drugs & Alcohol Services

EDAS, as a Third Sector organisation remains true to its organisational values and maintains the ethos of empathy and understanding of the client’s life events. Established in 1970, with the organisation’s 40+ years of experience, passion and enthusiasm for the client group, EDAS has developed a service that provides care and support for all sectors of the community to include: Young people, carers, criminal justice clients, through-care and aftercare clients, clients with medication issues, pre treatment and assessment for service users aged 10 – 85 plus.

Supporting local people

As a local service, supporting our local community, we provide a sense of ‘belonging’ for the client and understand the environmental, social and psychological pressures that they may be facing. We are familiar with, and already have established positive working relationships with many of the local helping agencies that can complement the support for the service user.

Professional expertise at all times

The professionalism and expertise of the EDAS team ensures that good clinical practice is upheld at all times, providing the best possible outcome for the service user, helping him/her to work towards recovery and reintegration into the community, with improved prospects for education and employment, increased mental and physical well being and a healthier and more positive outlook on life.